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Two-way order sync between Magento and RealtimeWMS

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May 13, 2020

“Integrate Commerce Ecosystem with Alumio for future growth.”

Obelink is Europe largest and cheapest outdoor superstore based in Winterswijk, The Netherlands. Established by Jan Obelink in 1959, Obelink has grown from 100m² to a superstore with more than 65.000m². With their ambitions to grow even further, an extensive project was started to replatform from a custom-build e-commerce platform to Magento Commerce. But their ambitions go beyond this initial setup. Obelink wants to prepare themselves for the future and restructure their commerce ecosystem with a centralized data platform. Alumio was chosen to give substance to these ambitions.

Alumio provides a Two-Way synchronization between Magento and RealtimeWMS. RealtimeWMS is a professional Warehouse Management System by Realtime Solutions. The Orders route publishes orders that are placed within Magento Commerce to RealtimeWMS. Stock and shipments are published from RealtimeWMS to Magento. All routes are synced both realtime and at specific timing to comply with the standards both systems require. RealtimeWMS enables Alumio to make use of web hooks, allowing an optimal way of syncing data. The transformation of data that goes in and out of Alumio was needed to make sure the data of the entities matches the system’s specifications.

Solution partner MediaCT and Realtime Solutions collaborated on this project, delivering a smooth and stable data stream between both systems. With this integration, Obelink is able to provide their customers up-to-date order information and establish a smooth sailing warehouse management process.

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