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On Demand Webinar 'Experience iPaaS Episode 2' - Experts

Join our integration specialist Michiel van Veldhuizen in an introduction to creating no-code integrations with Alumio's iPaaS.

Looking to bypass the hassles of custom coding when connecting ERPs, eCommerce Platforms, PIM systems, CRMs or any other software, APIs or data points? 'Experience iPaaS’ with Episode 2 of Alumio’s introductory webinar that will give you an interactive demonstration of creating no-code integrations with our PHP-based, easy-to-use integration interface. Join this webinar for an interactive LIVE DEMO of using Alumio's iPaaS with our integration specialist Michiel van Veldhuizen. Learn how to create fast, scalable, and flexible integrations between two or more software, systems, APIs, or plugins, without any code!


Discover the 7 Use Cases of an iPaaS

iPaaS Value

Creating fast, flexible and future-proof integrations

The Key Benefits of an iPaaS

iPaaS Value

The need for a next-gen solution to create scalable integrations

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