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A no-code interface for creating fast and flexible integrations for digital commerce

What’s included in the 30-day Alumio experience?

Full access to the Alumio iPaaS within 24hrs
Access to our self-service knowledge base
A FREE onboarding consultation session
Add, remove or replace integrations without code
Centralize your integrations and control your data
Automate monitoring and access full integration visibility

A No-Code
Integration Interface

and Logging


Excercise Centralized Data Control

Features & Benefits

Use a No-Code Integration Interface
Automate business processes by connecting software, APIs, databases or trading partners via a user-friendly interface.  Import or export your business data to external locations like sFTP.

Automate Monitoring and Logging
Get 360° data insights and quickly detect integration errors to resolve conflicts and improve connections.

Experience Integration Flexibility  
Compare and filter data, modify integrations with our powerful tools, or create your own custom integration templates to suit your business needs.

Excercise Centralized Data Control
Access all your data across integrations via one central interface, reuse integrations you’ve created and secure the data integrity of your IT landscape

Be Compliant

Access and control data across integrations to comply with GDPR, SOC2, CCPA, FERPA, and HIPAA.

Secure Integrations

Deploy secure integrations based on market standards with a single-tenant environment, with a fixed IP and the option to configure VPN tunnels.

Experience the Future

of Creating Integrations
with an iPaaS
active integrations
active dataflows
active users
of daily transactions
With a global partner network
and an active presence in more than 12 countries.

Create future-proof integrations with unlimited software

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