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The ‘Future-Proofing Integrations and IT Landscapes’ Webinar

A 5-Step Guide for Successful Implementation by Alumio & Progaia IT Solutions

Looking for a scalable and flexible way to create integrations with new software for digital growth? But how do you ensure the successful implementation of an integration project? And how do you create a solid plan to re-organize your IT-landscape in a future-proof way?  

Watch this joint-webinar by Alumio & Progaia On-Demand to explore and checklist all the essential steps for implementing - not just successful - but future-proof integrations and future-proof IT landscapes. Discover the benefits of using a no-code integration platform to easily create, monitor and manage successful integrations via Alumio's easy-to-use interface.

Event flow

Future-Proofing Integrations and IT Landscapes

45 minutes

1. The need for integrations

How to cope with your changing IT-landscape

The “old school” one-to-one integration solution

How to create future-proof architecture

The benefits of an integration platform

2. A 5-step guide for successful implementation

How to organize/structure an integration project

5 needed steps to deliver successful integrations

Integration checklist & outlines of an implementation project

3. Demo Alumio

Feature overview

Live demo of how to create a simple integration in 5 minutes

Walkthrough of logging, monitoring & notifications with Alumio's iPaaS

3. Live Q&A

Event flow

Future-Proofing Integrations and IT Landscapes

45 minutes

1. How to harness the holiday season to improve sales and gain quick success

Understanding customer behaviours and trends during holiday season to develop plans for short and long-term growth

Learn how retailers can maximize ROI between sales velocity and profit margin during peak demand

Come up with concrete ideas for what products, sales and marketing actions you can organize

2. Organize your IT landscape with central access to data and better insights

Create a 360° overview of your customer data during holiday season to bolster your engagement and acquisition strategy

The benefits of having central access to your data for marketing insights, BI, KPI reporting and digitalization

Access data easily across various systems like CRM, POS, eCommerce, Social Media etc. to trace a more holistic customer journey

Learn how to align your IT infrastructure for future-proof digital growth

3. Live Q&A


The Experience iPaaS Beginner’s Webinar

45 minutes

Create an integration between an eCommerce platform and an ERP
A live demo on 'integrating customers' from the eCommerce platform, Shopware to the ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Learn how to work with Alumio's integration templates

A live demo of using our Akeneo to Magento template to:

  • Activate an integration template to kickstart your integration
  • Create a working integration for products from Akeneo to Magento
  • Update basic product information
  • Combine data

Explore a quick overview of Alumio's capabilities and features
Monitoring and managing your integrations.


The Experience iPaaS Experts’s Webinar

2 hours

Learn how to integrate with custom APIs, SOAP and more

Get a LIVE demo in creating integration flows where orders are sent from an eCommerce platform to the ERP Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management

Implement Alumio's advanced integration features:

  • Mapping to the data schemes
  • Combining data flows from 3 incoming APIs
  • Using storages to define deltas
  • How to use the Software Development Kit
  • Handling live requests based on questions
Why join?

Alumio is designed by developers for developers to make integrations simple

Upscale with Junior Developers
to create, monitor and manage integrations via our easy-to-use interface, code-free.

Epic Code Solutions for Senior Developers
with our Connector Tools and Software Development Kit for creating complex, custom integrations

Monitoring and Logging
Automated updates, error detection, troubleshooting and security checks.

360-degree control of your IT Landscape
Adjust connections, fix issues or create customizations based on 100% Performance & Data Insight.

A webinar by Progaia + Alumio

Future-Proofing Integrations and IT Landscapes

Discover your checklist for successfully creating a future-proof IT landscape and get a LIVE DEMO of using Alumio’s integration platform to create future-proof integrations!

Meet the Speakers

Mario de Jager
Mario started his career as a software developer. He was one of the founders of the Benelux subsidiary of Progress software and became director of corporate accounts in the EMEA region. Mario founded Progaia IT solutions 25 years ago.
Egor Norlin
Egor is a key Account Executive at Alumio's Sales Team and has previous experience with IT and various software applications. In his current role, he is responsible for curating the best integration solutions for customers, and also helps out with the design and architecture of business critical eCommerce workflows. He is also currently leading the expansion of Alumio's presence in the Nordics.

About the companies

Progaia helps organizations to get “connected”, this means seamlessly connecting applications, third-party systems and other data sources. They help organizations cleanse, enrich and (re)structure data so it becomes a significant added value when turned into information.​
Alumio is a cloud-based, no-code integration platform for digital commerce that makes it easy for you to connect with two or more software, systems, APIs or data points. The Alumio iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) allows you to create, manage and monitor integrations via a user-friendly interface. It helps centralize data across all your integrations, preventing data silos and making it easy to add or replace integrations without any loss of data integrity.

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Discover all you need to know for "Future-proofing Integrations and IT Landscapes " with Alumio and Progaia IT Solutions.

Discover all you need to know for "Future-proofing Integrations and IT Landscapes " with Alumio and Progaia IT Solutions.