Enable Growth and Scalability with an iPaaS in your IT Landscape

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December 14, 2020

For businesses to be successful, we genuinely believe it's vital to have a connected IT ecosystem. Everything and everyone in your digital ecosystem should connect across channels, devices, and platforms. This blog will give you one of the many reasons to be thinking of an integration strategy: scalability.

Being aware of the importance of how integration, API connectivity, data, and AI, play a significant part in today's landscape makes it easier to make decisions about moving forward and upscaling.

"Performance is essential for integrations."

This concerns performance of active integrations. Do these overheat? Are they limited by CPU power, memory, or network bandwidth? Or are they fully scalable?

Performance is also vital for scaling up integration processes, setting up workflows, and rolling out additional integrations, with or without relationships to existing integrations.

Alumio is developed for:

  • Performance for unlimited scalability
  • Business process design
  • Setting up combined data flows to multiple connections
  • The future of ML and AI

To ensure Alumio software can always be scaled to meet performance requirements, we offer various Alumio configurations.

This blog, 'Scalability,' only showed one of the eight advantages of why it is interesting to include an integration platform in your IT infrastructure. Learn more about the benefits of an iPaaS in our other blogs, or download the white paper: '8 Reasons to have an iPaaS solution in your IT ecosystem.'

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