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Easy WordPress site cackup: 4 trustworthy methods

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May 28, 2023

A reliable WordPress backup strategy is crucial for safeguarding your website from potential threats and data loss. In this thorough guide, we'll introduce you to four user-friendly techniques to back up your WordPress site, ensuring its security and your peace of mind. Let's explore these methods together!

1. Manual Backup

Manually backing up your WordPress site is a dependable method for those who prefer a hands-on approach. Here's a step-by-step guide to performing a manual backup:

Database Backup

  1. Access your web hosting account and navigate to phpMyAdmin.
  2. Select your WordPress site's database from the list on the left-hand side.
  3. Click the Export tab at the top of the page.
  4. Choose Quick as the export method and select SQL as the format.
  5. Click Go to download your database backup.

File Backup

  1. Access your web hosting account and open the File Manager.
  2. Locate the public_html or www folder, which contains your WordPress files.
  3. Compress the entire folder into a ZIP or TAR.GZ file.
  4. Download the compressed file to your local computer.

Remember to store your backups in a safe location, such as an external hard drive or cloud storage.

2. Backup Plugins: Simplified and Automated

Using a backup plugin is a convenient way to automate the backup process. Here are some popular options to consider:


UpdraftPlus is a widely used WordPress backup plugin that provides scheduled and on-demand backups. With options to store backups in remote storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3, you can rest assured that your site's data is secure.


BackWPup is another reliable plugin that offers automated scheduling, remote storage support, and the ability to restore your site from a backup. Its user-friendly interface makes it a favorite among WordPress users.

Remember, Alumio can assist with data integration when restoring your website from a backup, ensuring a seamless experience.

3. Web Host Backup Solutions: Extra Layer of Protection

Many web hosting providers offer built-in backup solutions for their customers. These services often come with automated scheduling and easy restoration options. Check with your hosting provider to see if they offer backup services and how to enable them.

4. Third-Party Backup Services: Professional and Comprehensive

If you prefer a more professional approach, consider using third-party backup services that specialize in WordPress site backups. These services typically provide advanced features, enhanced security, and expert support.

VaultPress (Jetpack Backup)

VaultPress is a premium backup service offered by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. It provides real-time backups, easy restoration, and top-notch security features like malware scanning and spam protection.


BlogVault is a popular third-party backup service known for its incremental backups, which save server resources and minimize the risk of backup failure. It also offers centralized site management, making it an excellent choice for those managing multiple WordPress sites.

By employing one or more of these backup methods, you can protect your WordPress site and ensure its safety in the face of potential threats.


Having a robust WordPress backup strategy is essential for the security and longevity of your website. With the four methods outlined in this guide – manual backup, backup plugins, web host backup solutions, and third-party backup services – you have a variety of options to choose from based on your preferences and needs. Don't forget that Alumio can help with data integration when restoring your site from a backup, making the process even smoother.

Remember to follow these best practices for an effective backup strategy:

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