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Feedback Company connector template

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November 23, 2023

Alumio offers various standard integrations that can be used to set up connections between different systems as quickly as possible. We’re excited to introduce our newest addition: a connector template for Feedback Company, a popular review platform.

Merchants use Feedback Company to collect valuable content from their customers. This service works by setting up a data stream between an e-commerce platform and Feedback Company, which transfers order data to Feedback Company. Feedback Company uses this data to create review invitations which enables customers to create user-generated content for your brand.

As an alternative to using the traditional way of connecting those systems, using an e-commerce module or extension, merchants can choose to connect the applications by using Alumio. Alumio has a standardized connection that uses the API of both applications. The advantage of the API is that it is available within e-commerce platforms and Feedback Company by default. No development or additional actions are required, which results in faster time to market.

Another clear advantage of using one of our standard connectors is the fact that these connectors are comprehensively tested by a specialized testing company. This way you are ensured that you never lose an opportunity to engage your customers in promoting your brand.

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