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The Magic of Transformers

Manipulate your data by using “Transformers”. Transformer configurations facilitate the alteration of data that is available at any given point within routes.

Modify  your data today through transformers which affords data selection/reduction, translation/mapping, encoding, calculation, sorting/ordering, merging/joining/lookup from other sources, which thereafter allows for aggregations, the generation of surrogate-keys, transposing/pivoting of array/object keys and values, as well as validation. Interestingly, transformers also obtains the ability to filter out entire data points that are produced by incoming configurations that often prevent unnecessary queued items.

What is more, is transformers affords  the combination of data flows that offer business logic that decides whether the transformer will be applied to a certain data-set. The convergence of transformers and Alumio’s features allow for the storage of data and the combination of data-sets which can be compared to create, update, and delete data feeds as well as many more functions.

Transformer’s is a magical tool that lets you create your own custom codes that bring visions to life. Limitations are only perceived within the mind. Open yourself to transformers and oversee the endless possibilities it has to offer.

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