Understanding Data

This course is designed to introduce you to the fundamental principles of data. From a brief summary of the history of data, its main characteristics and types, to privacy and security concerns, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of what data is and why it matters.

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5 Lessons
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Course introduction

A first introduction to data and its primary characteristics designed for beginners with limited technical knowledge. This course aims to provide a well-rounded definition of data and its relevance in today’s world. The course traces the beginnings of data and discusses its evolution, highlighting crucial features and important concerns. Let’s get started!

What will you learn?

  • The core tenets of data and their importance
  • How data evolved from ancient times until our present
  • What the different types of data are
  • The relevance of data in our daily lives
  • Why data privacy and security are crucial

Lessons in this course

What is Data, and Why Does it Matter?
A Brief History of Data
Types of Data
The Importance of Data
Data Privacy and Security
Course summary