How an iPaaS can help your business get a 360 view of the customer

For businesses to be successful, we genuinely believe it's vital to have a connected IT ecosystem. Everything and everyone in your digital ecosystem should connect across channels, devices, and platforms. This blog will give you one of the many reasons to be thinking of an integration strategy: digital return on ad spend (ROAS).

To be more successful, we need to know more about our customers and the touchpoints along their journey. We need to be able to track engagement and measure the impact of every action and have the ability to attribute it to marketing activities and spend.

Understanding the customer journey is super important. Knowing what the customer is doing, what questions they're asking, their likes and dislikes all build up a complete prole of behavior. This prole will enable you to correlate actions with outcomes and highlight any gaps or wasted effort in the journey. Therefore, being able to measure the correct information, we can calculate the ROAS and determine the effect it's having on the total lifetime value of the customer.

Understanding the customer journey is super important.

When it comes to IT infrastructure, in days past, this information would be fragmented across multiple systems; for example:

  • Your ticketing system would manage customer issues
  • Sales platform for quotes
    Advertising and retargeting handled by channel: Google, Facebook, Youtube
  • Transport and logistics would have a dedicated system
  • Invoice and payment details looked after by an ERP
  • Email correspondence

Planning the organization of this data and how systems talk to each other will help you manage this and get a complete 360 customer view.

This blog, 'Digital return on ad spend,' only showed one of the eight advantages of why it is interesting to include an integration platform in your IT infrastructure. Learn more about the benefits of an iPaaS in our other blogs or download the white paper: '8 Reasons to have an iPaaS solution in your IT eco-system.'

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