Choosing an iPaaS as a strategic digital pillar

For businesses to be successful, we genuinely believe it's vital to have a connected IT ecosystem. Everything and everyone in your digital ecosystem should connect across channels, devices, and platforms. Companies with a connected infrastructure are far outpacing their competitors.

Four pillars of digital success

We have identified four main pillars that you need as an organization to help you achieve success with your digital investments: vision, data, process and technology, and people.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.” – Bill Gates

Successful companies need to have a digital strategy

90% of the studies show specific and challenging big goals lead to organizations achieving higher performance than those setting no or easy goals. To be able to understand why you should have an integration strategy, there are four main pillars to help you achieve success with your digital investments.


How is the company going to be managed? What are the objectives and goals?
What strategies do you need to consider to achieve digital success?  

A significant role of the management team is to have a clear picture of all four pillars. It's crucial to understand where you are today in each pillar, and this forms part of your strategy to progress forward. But without a vision, you won't know which direction to set off in.  

Use simple, clear language when writing your vision; everyone must understand it. Think big. It might seem more achievable and safer to set a smaller short-term goal, but everyone loves an organization that knows where they want to be and it's going to take a big, juicy, audacious plan to get there!  

A big goal inspires employees and stimulates progression and the urge to improve. SMART objectives are there to help you set achievable deliverables along the way, but the goal... needs to be big.


Data is the key for most things today, and that stands true when looking at digital maturity. Successful organizations who are future- thinking and hyper-learning build themselves on robust, reliable data—hence the term data- driven.  

Too often, we see data stored in a siloed manner. It needs to be available in a smart way, where it can be accessible for all levels of the organization, creating a seamless experience across channels, devices, marketplaces and more.  

To be ready for machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and truly become a digital-first company, data from all customer touch points, sources, software, channels, and departments needs to be easily accessible.  

Process and Technology

Having the right tools for the job is true of any trade. Why should software be any different? It shouldn't!  

A clear view of how data and software are being used will avoid things happening in a silo from each other, leading to inefficient processes. To be ready for the world of APIs, you'll need this level of visibility. APIs will allow you to be exisible, scalable and secure. Smart algorithms, analytics and AI models will help your organization adopt more effective processes and will enable you to make intelligent decisions based on real-time data. Making the right choices about technology will mean you'll have an ecosystem that will grow with you and avoid costly implementations. Install for growth now, and it will save you time, money and a headache further down the line.


Knowledge, experience and culture are what people bring. Data-driven organizations require partnerships and people who understand digital. The landscape is continually changing, and people need to be aware of the shift. They need to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

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