Build an API-led and scalable IT landscape with an iPaaS

For businesses to be successful, we genuinely believe it's vital to have a connected IT ecosystem. Everything and everyone in your digital ecosystem should connect across channels, devices, and platforms. This blog will give you one of the many reasons to be thinking of an integration strategy: API-ready.

Are you ready? Traditional businesses are moving online. Not to replace the brick and mortar, but to compliment it and make it more efficient. Marketplaces and channels are growing, and you need to consider which are right for your business: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Bol, eBay, and so on... ‍All of these have an API you can connect to, trade, or communicate through. But not with outdated, legacy systems.

To grow smart and be ready for the future, you need to think beyond merely having an Amazon store. Connect all of your products, services, real-time price updates, and stock information. Online processes increase efficiencies: order management, returns, issue management, tracking, warranty, payments and credits, and how-to wizards.‍ So, IT needs to be ready for APIs.

"Grow smart and be ready for the future."

The API world will bring new questions - questions about the experience. As your organization's API will service your employees, customers, and partners, it is crucial to plan first. In our white paper, we give you questions that will have to make decisions about structure and connectivity, like: how can you deliver a seamless experience for all touchpoints? The answers to these questions will give you more data allowing you to deliver better, smarter ways to engage with your customers.

This blog, 'API-ready,' only showed one of the eight advantages of why it is interesting to include an integration platform in your IT infrastructure. Learn more about the benefits of an iPaaS in our other blogs or download the white paper: '8 Reasons to have an iPaaS solution in your IT eco-system.'

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