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System integrators, agencies and engineers benefit from the Alumio iPaaS Agency Edition. Apply the iPaaS for all of your integrations and move away from scattered, coded solutions. Offer the Alumio iPaaS within your default service fees, without needing to apply additional sales effort.

6 reasons for architects and engineers:
  1. Create the majority of the integrations via the user interface and avoid reinventing the wheel
  2. Benefit from logging, monitoring and notifications features. Connect them to your desired systems, like Slack, SMS, or email service
  3. Work with known Symfony technology, where you’re able to do customizations with ease, when needed
  4. Be able to dive into the tiniest details with access to the Elastic Stack backbone
  5. Build integrations on a secure and compliant way
  6. Effortlessly maintain and support your clients, quickly identify and resolve hiccups    

7 reasons for Managers & C-Level:

  1. Win more deals: clients don’t like custom code!
  2. Be scalable: let senior engineers and architects focus on the most complex part and let their team complete your integrations
  3. Get happy clients: be always on top of hiccups
  4. Create a winning propositions by offering a faster, better, and more future-proof integration solution
  5. Start adding new services: consulting, EDI and integration projects for your clients
  6. Quick time to market: be able to use integration
    templates from the Alumio marketplace and create them yourselves
  7. Enter the Microsoft and SAP domain by using our native connectors, helping your clients with digitalizing more rapidly

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