Alumio Features

Alumio iPaaS comes with an extensive range of features that gives you the ability to design, manage and deploy your integrations from a variety of web services, modify data to comply with other end points and to apply deep logging and monitoring. Here's a list of the main features that our integration solution offers.

Dashboard analytics

Gain insights in your IT landscape
The dashboard of Alumio is your data control room. Its user friendly interface shows you beautiful graphs and intel on what goes on and what needs your attention.

Task queueing mechanism

Choose between queueing and real time capabilities
The task queuing mechanism makes sure that your systems won’t be overloaded by data peaks. It’s highly efficient process makes sure you’re in control of your ecosystem.

Environment variables

Safely encrypt sensitive data across the platform
Environment variables allow you to store sensitive data in a safe way. The variables replaces the sensitive data which can we used throughout the software.

User management

Allow your IT managers and grant the right user access
This user management feature gives you the ability to give access to the Alumio software with a secure Single Sign On process.

Extensive logging

Know what's going on, from end points to task details
Running extensive integrations needs extensive logging capabilities. Our Cloud solution comes with holistic logging built upon Elastic ELK Stack that includes Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

File queues

Seamlessly receive and process data files
File queues provides intel like the state and content of a batch, when it has been processed and what is being kinds of data is being handled.

Standard entities support

Normalize data and make it reusable for the future
Standardizing entities gives the ability to reuse data for other systems that require the same kind of data. Alumio supports entities schemas for this purpose.


Alumio catches data sent from different end points
Webhooks allows systems to send automated messages or information to Alumio. It’s a powerful way automatically push data from one app to another.

Health messaging

Centralized point of monitoring your platform
Our built-in messaging system will notify you whenever something seems off or goes wrong within you IT landscape. This way you’re on top of what’s going on.


Capture and store data, easily compare to previous batches
Storages comes with a set of data storing capabilities. Storing data can be of great value when - for e.g. - data from different end points needs to be compared.

Premium Transformers

The solution comes with all Transformation features that Alumio has. No additional fees apply. Simply put, all the tools are there for your business case.

Premium Components

Capabilities like SOAP, SQL, FTP, CSV and XML
The solution comes with all Components that Alumio has. No additional fees apply. Simply put, this is an extensive toolset for your business case.

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