Alumio and Experius join forces!

Alumio and Experius join forces!

Sustainable integrations for the ever-increasing amount of digital solutions in the eCommerce landscape are necessary to continue growth and the biggest challenge for many businesses.

Experius is an eCommerce agency. Customers can plug in a whole new digitization stack with systems in a very short time, with a future-proof ecosystem. With the partnership between Experius and Alumio, flexibility and faster time to market will be unlocked for clients and future clients in the eCommerce space.

B2B and D2C digital specialist
Experius is our partner in the B2B and D2C space. Together, we can take on ambitious clients and realize innovative solutions within their eCommerce environments, which clients can instantly use and stay ahead of their competition.

Experius will help integrate, optimize, and develop your eCommerce platform to allow for a scalable future. With a network of specialized partners, Experius can successfully offer a complete eCommerce strategy to clients.

Why Alumio
Alumio is the data-integration platform that seamlessly connects, stores, and integrates with business solutions. For developers working in eCommerce environments, a common question that is asked by clients is regarding integrating data streams through API calls and connecting them to a simple all-in-one application. This is done by using templates that make developing whole new integrations for every solution obsolete. By simplifying processes, all software and systems will be connected to the Alumio integration platform, making data interchangeable with other systems.

"20 years ago, we started as a digital agency, where we specialized in making integrations between ERP systems and digital software. We used to use custom code to connect the software. Only, we knew that solution was not scalable for our clients. That's why we created Alumio, an integration platform (iPaaS) build for eCommerce merchants. In short, Alumio gives you the ability to develop an integrated eCommerce landscape that's better, faster, more flexible, and reliable. Alumio is there to be a long term solution for your business." - Caspar Hardholt

We are proud of the fact that Alumio is made by the developers for developers. Based upon the trusted and robust Symfony framework, Alumio offers a scalable core with a flexible SDK. Due to the flexibility of the SDK, creativity, and potential for growth are unlimited. Besides that, our headless approach gives users a responsive experience when using our user interface. In short, Alumio makes it possible to develop custom-tailored solutions such as data management or experience management solutions and built them like they were perceived.

Experts in: digital commerce
Located: Belgium
Experts in: digital commerce
Located: Utrecht, The Netherlands


CIO, Experius

"With Alumio, Experius has the technology to offer both legacy and SaaS solutions which can communicate with each other through Alumio. For clients, all datastream will be easier to monitor and more streamlined. Integrating new systems and data streams have never been easier."

At Experius, this more generalized solution of Alumio significantly helps our developers and consultant to develop more stable solutions. It gives our dev teams the freedom to express their ideas and make optimal use of the client's environment, and makes it easier to add microservices.


CEO, Alumio

"We proudly announces our newfound partnership with “Experius”. Afforded by Alumio and Experius’s synergy, we are able to engender flows of work that offer both flexible and faster opportunities to efficiently market for (future) commerce clients, whilst additionally creating fluid integrations between applications in the IT landscape.

The solution that Alumio offers to Experius is in perfect harmony with their vision of integrating every piece of software, systems, and solutions with a future-proof and reliable method.

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