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Alumio Welcomes NetElixir - Digital Marketing Agency

Alumio Welcomes NetElixir - Digital Marketing Agency

This new cooperation with NetElixir opens new doors to the USA, Nordic, and UK markets. This provides our customers with the opportunity to be serviced by this prestigious digital marketing agency.

Background of our new partner

NetElixir is an ambitious digital marketing agency, operating in the USA, Nordic and UK market, dedicated to helping retailers find and acquire new customers online. Ever since 2004, the company has achieved some remarkable results, delivering success for hundreds of brands in highly competitive marketplaces. Although the firm’s data-intensive approach and deep retail expertise have played an essential role in the process, there have also been other key factors whose contribution should not be ignored. To put it another way, NetElixir’s passion, dedication and unwavering customer focus have been the qualities, truly valued by the firm’s clients throughout the years. NetElixir embraces its customers’ goals and exceeds its clients’ expectations.

Why will this company start using Alumio integration software?

“The reason why NetElixir chose Alumio simply boils down to these underlying advantages that ensure the best results.“ 

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Guaranteed customer satisfaction rates for delivering integrations: Agencies and Customers will highly benefit from monitoring and frequented notifications, since Alumio offers the possibility to connect complex software to each other, such as ERP, e-commerce, POS, PIM, and others. Therefore, resulting in smoothly delivered projects, effortless maintenance and customer support.

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Create integrations four times faster: Through Alumio, junior developers, project managers and data-analysts can build integrations via the user-interface or use marketplace connectors to kickstart integration projects. Thus, integrations are delivered on a higher level, in less time, while digital agency scalability and knowledge are also improved.

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Integrating in a future proof, secure and compliant manner remains at the epicenter of what Alumio represents. Therefore, by offering better and more future-proof integration solutions, we can really help our customers on their journey to complete digitalization. In essence, they will not be plagued with data silos or infrastructural problems, which usually lead to time constraints. Alumio helps to accumulate higher customer satisfaction rates which parallel an increase in winning propositions.

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Using custom code is unnecessary for future integrations: It is a commonality that customers do not like custom code! By employing integrations, you bring a change in priorities within your work environment, that allows senior developers to focus on more complex tasks, whilst other team members complete the integrations. Customers are more flexible because they do not rely on partners, as they can manage the integrations themselves.

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Meteor, Induxx and PHPro
Experts in: digital commerce
Located: Belgium


Founder and CEO, NetElixir

“Collaborating with Alumio will have a very beneficial impact on us, as a company, but also on our partners. It will bring an exceptional flexibility to the integrations process, saving us unnecessary headaches while also allowing us to pay more attention to other essential aspects of our working procedure, which we would have otherwise neglected.

What we consider an essential advantage of the Alumio iPaaS platform is the fact that it eliminates any open data silos, provides us with constant monitoring of our integrations process, while also being very reliable and transparent with our data. Alumio makes it possible to build a stable and well-operating IT landscape. Be fast and smooth when it comes to integrations, and turn our digital success goals and dreams into reality. I truly believe that our partnership will bring a lot of positives and contribute for an even brighter future of our company!’’

Udayan Bose
Founder and CEO, NetElixir


CEO, Alumio

“Alumio is extremely happy to partner with such a prominent digital marketing agency like NetElixir. Empowering E-commerce growth and helping brands strengthen their digital presence, NetElixir is a great ally to have, and we are very excited for this cooperation!"

We started as a digital agency, 20 years ago, where we specialized in making integrations between ERP system and digital software. It was common to use custom code, back then, to connect the software – but we knew full well that the solution was not scalable for our clients. That is why we created Alumio. In short, Alumio gives you the ability to develop an integrated eCommerce landscape that is of higher quality, faster, increasingly more adaptable and reliable. Alumio is there to be a long-term solution for your business.

Caspar Hardholt
CEO, Alumio

Alumio Welcomes NetElixir - Digital Marketing Agency

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