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Three major benefits of using an SAP API Plugin

Getting your SAP ready for digital growth in 10 days

Getting your SAP ready for digital growth in 10 days

Transforming your IT landscape from a complex and tangled environment, to a robust and valued ecosystem often starts with integrating software such as an SAP API Plugin.

Choosing an SAP API for digital growth and scalability is favorable for many reasons, however, boils down to three key reasons, which are as follows:

An SAP API Plugin is a cost-effective and proven solution. The SAP API is a piece of SAP software that ensures a number of specific data points (otherwise known as web services) are installed into the default SAP API. After installation, twenty-one web services become instantly available, so that you or your company are fully equipped for digital commerce. The Alumio SAP API Plugin is developed as SAP certified ABAP stack, which has a composition so solid, that your SAP will not encounter any technical or performance issues.

An SAP API Plugin is an extremely quick and effective solution for all your integration problems. Installing an SAP API Plugin that delivers 21 webservices in a matter of days, offers a quick time to market – saving both time and money, so that you can focus on profit-driven objectives over marketing driven tasks.

Lastly, an SAP API Plugin encompasses a fixed budget and project maintenance, unlike hiring an external SAP Consultant. With installing an SAP API Plugin, you are assured that all the caching is executed correctly and that the web services will run smoothly without maintenance issues and additional costs. Constant control of data and information allows companies to stay on track, which ensures their continuously driving impact. Issues of visibility and notification logging detrimentally affect businesses in terms of structure and customer serviceability. Without an SAP API, it is not feasible to add or connect new software to existing software without a rigorous and expensive IT project.

Risk of low quality & performance errors
If your team will create the data points in the API’s for a fully blown SAP B2B portal, for the first time, the risk of forgetting data fields, the wrong type / logic of creating webservices in a way they will not perform is enormous.    

Let's give you 1 example and insight:   In order to create a customer or so-called self-service portal in your B2B eCommerce, where customers can have a look to their current stats of orders and deliveries, or the history of orders, you need to create 2 separate webservice to make sure you are not over requesting the SAP API. You need to create a separate web service which only requests the header information (invoice number,  for only the latest 10 items, etc and 1 separate which request the detailed information of an invoice. rserd customer will look for a list of first and only will have a look to 1 order/ delivery. The API call of the headers is exceptionally light, and the request of detailed information is a bit heavier. By using 2 APIs call for this feature, you are preventing to request all the detailed information for every user, which will visit the self-service portal. This way if building the API’s is 98% lighter than requesting all detailed information for all orders by all users!

The risk of configuring your webservice in a way which will get a big load to your SAP is enormous. When requesting all products, B2B Prices, Orders or Invoices to your SAP using real-time calls via a wrong logic, it may cause serious  performance problems. It is  therefore extremely important to configure the webservice with the right logic, using a smart caching  mechanism, to not request data in real-time by using “call” requests to your  API webservices, however  use a push mechanism to prevent big load and performance issues

"Achieve significantly high customer satisfaction rates that exceed industry standards, through monitoring and cockpit functionalities and innovatively shape roles and responsibilities within your company"

Overall,the SAP API Plugin is a cost-effective solution that obtains customizable interfaces that allow you to connect legacy software at ease. Choose an SAP API Plugin today for endless integrations at fixed costs that transform your IT landscape in ways that will future proof and scale your business for digital success.

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