Learn the fundamental differences between the top 10 iPaaS solutions available today.

Selecting a suitable software solution for data integrations can be tricky with so many different options available. The plethora of pamphlets, websites, and catalogs you may have to shift through to find a solution that fits your requirement, can be very time-consuming and may leave you with only half the story. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of well-known and lesser-known data integration platforms into a single, easy-to-read document to help expedite your search for the best solution.

There are 10 types of integration solutions

Integration Platform-ipaas-top-10-integration-solution-mulesoft


Integration Platform-ipaas-top-10-integration-solution-talend


Integration Platform-ipaas-top-10-integration-solution-integromat


Integration Platform-ipaas-top-10-integration-solution-workato


Integration Platform-ipaas-top-10-integration-solution-tibco


Integration Platform-ipaas-top-10-integration-solution-informatica


Integration Platform-ipaas-top-10-integration-solution-dell-boomi

Dell Boomi

Integration Platform-ipaas-top-10-integration-solution-snaplogic


Integration Platform-ipaas-top-10-integration-solution-celigo


Integration Platform-ipaas-top-10-integration-solution-jitterbit


Compare before you choose

The white paper will help you discover:

The difference between iPaaS, ESB, and Plugin integrations
How to choose the best integration system for you
The differences between the selected Integration systems
What the reviews say about these integration systems

Get all the questions you’ve had about iPaaS Solutions answered in one place.

Happy hunting!


Different types
of integration

Picking the
right middleware

The benefits of
iPaaS solutions

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8 Reasons to have an iPaaS solution in your IT landscape

Find out why it is wise to have an iPaaS within your IT landscape

Let us show you ways to accelerate and grow your business while remaining flexible. Our white paper explains why an iPaaS is a wise decision.

This is for companies with digital ambition. We'll look at the reasons why you should be thinking of an integration strategy, but first, we need to address the bigger picture. To appreciate the reasons why you need an integration strategy, you need to know that IT cannot do this alone; this is a multifaceted strategy and requires input and effort from each team.

Learn why you should be thinking of an integration strategy

Discover the iPaaS (integration platform as a service)

Dive into the four pillars for digital success

In short, this white paper gives you some fresh thoughts on why an iPaaS is a strategically wise decision.

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