Connect Spryker with any System

Seamlessly connect Spryker with Alumio. Alumio reduces your time to market and lowers the total cost of ownership of your integrations while significantly increasing the changeability and scaleability of your business.

Deliver Connected Customer Experiences

Connect Spryker with legacy, on-premises, and cloud applications to automate your business processes and transform your company into a data-driven business.

Alumio provides a normalized entity of your data so you can seamlessly connect to any tool. As new data entities becomes available, Alumio can add them for future scaling and connectivity purposes!

Supported Data Entities

Scalability &

Suite for
Data control


Ready for AI

Supported Data Entities

  • Stock / inventory
  • Orders
  • Order updates / shipments
  • Products (master data & full catalog)
  • Categories
  • Customers

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Key Benefits

Fast integration and
reduce cost

A native solution creates a symbioses between your ERP-system and commerce platform.

Our solution saves times and increases efficiency at both sides.

Automate workflows

Put your business
on autopilot

Connect to core systems and unlock data easily with prebuilt connectors and quick data mapping.

Connect to systems faster and extend access to data with secure APIs, then reuse your APIs for future projects without developing new integrations.

Digitize your business with APIs and scale processes across channels to deliver connected and consistent customer, partner, and employee experiences.

Future-Proof Platform

Future-Proof Solution

Alumio is purposely-built for the cloud. Data is exchanged between applications, databases, files, social networks and big data sources. Alumio's headless dashboard is delivered as a web tool.

Alumio's Core principles

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